Saturday, November 12, 2022

Campaign Introduction

Almost is a world of fantasy horror set in a Post Apocalyptic future. Where skin, fin and metal abominations lurk.

Dying Aghori blood gods roam the lands imprisoned in tortured flesh, hunted, their natures forgotten. Magic is decaying and something far more horrific is creating itself to stand in its place.

Echoed realities of four dying planes of existence encroach and hauntingly impose upon a remaining world which through ritual forbidden has become The Conjunction of Fates. The magics of each world bleeding in to one another like a dye that alters the coloring of the threads that hold each reality together. Where magic infects its users like a virus.

Three Ivory Towers have activated, inhaling the light of all stars, attracting the darkness deep, like a moth to a flame. From within its celestial wing folds, the Coyer of Bulse, the ship that swallows worlds approaches. The Great Destroyer in it's awakened return seeking utter annihilation of all that is. It's haunting embrace delivering all realities back to the Void, the Dark Womb from whence all life issued.

Here the Veird, multi limbed minstrels summon dead cities into existence through echoes of the great song, Skin Smiths graft limbs and make you pretty, for a price.

Thaumaturges create a chosen race of fin, skin and metal to inhabit a mythical Pure Land.
Within the Welm of Wyrms an ancient alien evil sleeps, guarding its secrets in daymare vaults of twisted hope. While the Dark Whale once chained roams the Forest of Wasn't, an eldritch being called down from beyond the stars.

Events are in motion.

The Crimson Moon descends and dances across the land as deep within the Tumored Temples of Potan-Lith, Snag'na'gora sings.

The Lord of September Dreams, and the Grinding Gears of Taboom Cog begin to turn beyond the Scrap Sea, as the Arahants of the Metal Mountains begin the Ordinance of Assemblance. The forbidden ritual of fully transmuting their bodies into metal.

Scour the world and find the towers.

Seek and activate the artifacts against which we batter our intelligence raw. Tear the Universe apart and gather the four chapters of The Opanatheds of Thek. The God engine must be built! A suitable prison body for Praxis-The Once Machine, ripped from Nirvana raw.

And summoned to LIVE!

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