Sunday, November 20, 2022

Things To Know

Silver Peices (sp)
The main source of currency.

Veridium Peices (vp)
The Blood of magic. The Lifeblood of the 
dying Aghori Blood Gods.
It's value is based on its
purity. A source of magical fuel.
Available in denominations of 1/10/25 (vp)
1(vp) = 10 (sp)

Pure Viridium can only be contained in lead vials.

Flesh Pounds (fp)
1living lb = 1sp. Commonly acceptable in Skaag,
slave, or other exotic forms.

Healing is mainly through rest and medical care
but can also be obtained from Stitchers, 
Ruathain (relics), and Pharmacopoeia Injectables
syringes used to inject healing concoctions and Anti-biotics. 
Injectable concoctions are also available from Tabatha's
(folk healers) and back street alchemists, though 
quality may be questionable or even fake.

The most common sources of food beyond whats
grown or hunted are Skaag Meat and Meat
Surprise, purchased or bartered for. If you don't
want to know, don't ask. Most meat for consumption
 in the world of ALMOST is produced in the flesh 
foundries of Bordello.

Firearms uncommon and rare but available.
Procured from rogue Armigers who specialize and
trade in blast powder or it's equivalents.

Bartering for favor owed commonly takes the place
of physical currency. Artifacts known as Oath-
stones are usually used to bind the favor owed via
blood contract. The owner is blood bound to repay
a called upon favor. A curse ensues if the favor is
not returned.

Horses are rare and rarer still ones not corrupted
in flesh.

Highly adaptable, lethal pack hunters. Captured 
young in the shallows of the Western Marshes.
Bred and somewhat domesticated Skaags may be 
obtained from the Rookeries of Laddernack.

(Dire Boars) are another common mount.

Airships, Balloons, Moons & More.
Piloted by forming a symbiotic link through spinal
tap with the vehicles Orbed neural core (Orbix), a
brain like creation of alien technology fused with
mechanical relics and blood magic.

The origins of airships and their arcane methods of 
manufacture are unknown, but it is a commonly 
held belief amongst occult scholars that their genesis
lies in elder races that once lived beyond the Fangs 
Of Pathos. 

Fuel Sources
Viridium, artifacts, flesh contaminated. Anything that 
contains magic like properties can be fed to the Orb core.

Skin Smiths
Alteration of flesh and limb while looked down
upon is very common. The quality of the craftsmanship 
can vary.

Providing fresh flesh can dramatically reduce the
costs of materials.

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