Saturday, November 12, 2022

Metal Mages

Metal Mages were once human Wizards who long ago journeyed beyond the Scrap Sea in search of the lands of the Tantrix, the noble machine race of the Metal Mountains. Seeking to learn the secrets of the Ordinance of Assemblance. Their obsession with the practices of Fictional Metal granted them exceptionally long lives making them nearly immortal providing them the luxury of time in pursuit of completely freeing themselves from the limitations of the flesh. The process of fully transmuting their bodies into metal has robbed them of all feeling and emotion. Know-one knows for certain the power that Metal Mages wield, only that they surround themselves with armies of assembled automatons and machine creatures, they have also re-discovered the knowledge for creating GOD Engines.

Any PC that is a Magic User may attempt to embark on the path of the Ordinance of Assemblance, seeking to become a Metal Mage. It will require the PC to make the difficult journey to the Metal Mountains in search of the Tantrix and the 18 Arahants who alone are great sages who have perfected the Ordinance of Assemblance.

The transformation begins with a difficult and arduous apprenticeship in the practices of Fictional Metal followed by rigorous rituals to transmute and liberate one from the limitations of the flesh.

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