Friday, March 24, 2023

The Pick ~ New White Box Class

Salvagers and tomb raiders with an uncanny knack for sniffing out Ruathain. Sharp senses, guile and stealth are their weapons of choice. Rarely noble, these pragmatic professionals seek to rapidly amass great wealth and perhaps rise to the heights of an established guild. Their unique skill set makes them highly sought after by dungeoneers and explorers. The Pick guilds are very wealthy and well connected having deep ties embedded in all manner of society. Due to their time hunting and handling ancient alien relics known as Ruathain they have developed a sixth sense for detecting them when in the general vicinity. They tend to favor mechanical arm bracers fitted with spring loaded blades or grappling hooks.

       Level        XP            HD        To Hit       Save         Salvaging       Backstab

Weapons and Armor
Picks are able to use leather armor, shields, bows, slings, crossbows, and any single handed melee weapons. They specialize in the use of specially built arm bracers containing spring loaded retractable grappling hooks  (30 ft of wire cable). These bracers are issued to registered guild members.

Quick Wits
A Pick with a dexterity score of 15+ receives a +1 to their AC.

Saving Throws
A Pick receives a +2 bonus to any saving throw rolls made vs. rays and blasts.

Picks may pick locks, hide in shadows, move silently, scale sheer surfaces or disarm traps on a D6 roll according to their level. Other classes attempting these feats will only succeed on a roll of 1.

Picks attacking enemies who are unaware of them (usually during the surprise round) receive a +4 to hit their foes, and melee attacks multiply damage according to their level.

Deadly Blade
When a Pick inflicts a critical hit on an enemy with a melee weapon, they do not inflict maximum weapon damage. Instead they multiply their damage by their backstab value.

Sense Ruathain (detect magic)
Able to sense Ruathain within the general vicinity. Whether a barely detectable change in atmospheric pressure or the tingling of gooseflesh, you feel it in your gut that one is near.

Or Swap out Sense Ruathain, for the following:

Stone Sense
If underground Picks have a chance to spot unusual stonework such as traps and secret passages. This is rolled on a D6 and happens automatically as the Pick passes within 10 feet of such a feature. 

This roll is best made in secret by the Game Master. 1-3 Chance to detect on a d6.

*Picks have replaced Thieves in ALMOST but if you are using Thieves in your Campaign and wish to add the Pick Class then I would drop Backstab from the Picks class abilities.

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