Friday, March 24, 2023

The Mercenary ~ New White Box Class

Ferocious sell-swords who save their fighting for when they're getting paid. For the right commission they will take on the down and dirty work. These warriors are battle hardened and deadly. Highly skilled in efficient use of all armor and weapons. Competition between Mercenary bands is very fierce. Each identifiable by the colors they wear. Mercenary Corps are employed by both the just and the ruthless alike and it is not uncommon for a Merc to find himself fighting for a righteous cause one day only to be opposite side, indiscriminately killing the very same people they previously served.

All Mercs honor their contracts less they find themselves out of work.

Weapons and Armor
Mercs can use any weapon, wear any armor and wield any shield.

Fighting Strength
A Merc with a strength score of 15+ adds +1 damage to all of their melee weapon attacks.

Sunder Shield
A Merc actively using a shield can choose to sunder their shield to avoid damage from a single attack.

Attacks Per Round
A Merc becomes more deadly with experience. Upon reaching 4th level they may attack twice in each round, and at 8th level they may attack three times per round.

Natural Toughness
Whenever a Merc rolls their hit dice, they roll twice and pick the higher of the two results.

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