Friday, March 24, 2023

The Stitcher ~ New White Box Class

Skilled Medics chosen and inducted into the secretive Order of the Second Sun. Having undergone initiation within the temple city of Light-haven. As vessels of divine Light they serve the Order, never revealing their faces having surrendered themselves to a higher calling. They are unique in that the can administer non-magical means of medical assistance and stabilize wounds through their rigorous medical training. All serve the Order unfailingly and without question and take solace in knowing that any questionable acts they may take are only in service of the greater good and that all perceived sins are forgiven and rescinded by Arch Bishop Ignatius. Such is his compassion and service to order.

Weapons and Armor
Stitchers lose access to divine wisdom, but they may wear plate armor and use any melee weapon of their choosing.

Mercurial Resistance
Stitchers have undergone intensive training to be able to handle Mercurial Blades & Armor.
All other classes suffer STR level loss at the rate of one level per hour of contact. No save permitted.

Bandage Wounds
A Stitcher hones their medical skills with experience. Bandage wounds allows a Stitcher to bind theirs or an allies wounds following a fight. They regain D6 hit points, but can only regain wounds lost during the fight. At 1st level a Stitcher may bind wounds once per day for 1d6 hp recovery. Upon reaching 4th level they may bind wounds twice per day, and at 8th level they may bind wounds three times per day.

*Note: A Stitcher must be carrying bandages to utilize Bandage wounds.

Saving Throws
A Stitcher receives a +2 bonus to any saving throw rolls made vs. paralysis or enchantment.

Divine Casting
A priest must pray each day to their deity for a minimum of 1 hour in order to be granted access to their daily allotment of spells.

They may choose from any spells on the priest spell list and may select the same spell multiple times. Each time a Stitcher casts a spell, it is considered spent from their daily allotment.

A Stitcher who opposes the values of their deity may be denied divine access to their spells (as determined by the Game Master).

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