Saturday, November 12, 2022

Geography Of ALMOST

Under the demon haunted Crimson Moons of Gorm is the world of ALMOST.

Surrounding the lands of ALMOST is the Scrap Sea. An endless sea of rust colored, razor sharp metallic sand shards that surrounds the land for as far as the eye can see. Tides that ebb and flow, slowly eating away at the land. Inhabited by giant Kraken Rust monsters.

Beyond the Scrap sea lie the Metal Mountains and ancient lands now lost. ALMOST is divided into four distinct areas.

South Warren: Allied steadings with an uneasy peace. Arid plains, rust colored canyons and grasslands. It is here the Tumors Of Potan-Lith grow ever skyward.

The North Wards: Warring Baronies. Immense Mountainous crags and foothills in the shadows of the Fangs of Pathos, beyond which lie lost lands buried beneath the ice.

The Western Marshes: Dark Moors and putrid misty marshes of half sunken cities guarded by intelligent reptilian creatures known as the the Vraak'Voor. Beyond which lie the ruins of an ancient coastal Necropolis of forbidden lost knowledge. It is upon the Plains Of Roke, that Varkruul The White Wolf battled and defeated a great horror from beyond the stars, thus marking the great wolf's end.

The Eastern Breach: Desolated and blighted arcane lands of pure obsidian alien ruin. A landscape suffering dislocation of time, space, reality, and domain. A place where other world entities come into contact with this world, their separate matters tearing the very fabric of reality asunder. Beyond which lies the white desert sands of Mo'hende Jarro and its exotic Elephant Lord Clans. A nomadic tribe of great warriors who live in moving cities built upon the backs of great Dire Elephant Bulls as they march the sands.

Mo'hende Jarro: Vast white sands of ground bone. And the entrance to the off world-God Filled Plains, where the raw forces of chaos and creation spill and cannibal tribes wage a blood fued war upon the remains of petrified titans as they are sailed in zero gravity atmosphere above a dead moon.

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