Friday, March 24, 2023

The Archanic ~ New White Box Class

Genetically attuned to awakening and activating Ruathain (ancient alien eldritch relics). They are able to directly harness the energies of Eldritch Wizardry. But access to such incredible power comes at a cost. Archanics are highly feared and rarely openly display their devices lest they be hunted by the Heralds of Lighthaven of the many guilds that have risen to power and wealth from obtaining such devices.

Users of arcane powers and dark magics, they can be devastating opponents. Their magic however comes at an extreme cost. The more the powers of the Ruathain are drawn upon the more the sentient device embeds itself deeper into the users spinal cord and nervous system via small threadlike silver tendrils, eventually overtaking the host. This process over time transforms the user's body into something alien. A process known as Re-morphosis. It could take a few years or decades for the change to be complete, depending on how often they draw power from their Ruathian.

Weapons and Armor
Sorcerers are able to use light weapons as well as staves, but may not wear any armor or use shields.

Arcane Intelligence
Sorcerers with an intelligence score of 15+ are able to memorize an additional first level spell each day.

Saving Throws
Sorcerers receive a +2 bonus to any saving throw rolls made vs. enchantment or death.

Eldritch Wizardry (Spell Casting)
A sorcerer begins with a Ruathain containing three Eldritch spells: a random first level spell, plus one of their choosing as well as the read magic spell. These spells are inscribed within the sentience of the Archanics Ruathian. Archanics may harvest additional spells into their Ruthain from other Ruathian.

Once per day, following a long rest, a sorcerer may spend at least one hour linking with their Ruathian and putting spells to memory. The number of spells they may memorize each day is listed on the table below. They may memorize the same spell multiple times, and each time an Archanic uses a spell it is lost from their memory.

Once an Archanic spell is cast the Archanic must roll a d20. Upon rolling the spells level or under the Archanic suffers one of the effects on the table below. Effects stack up over time and are cumulative, eventually dramatically altering the appearance of the Armiger as the process of Re-Morphosis takes effect.

d6     Roll Effect
1.      Black veins appear on the body.
2.      All vegetation within 1 mile withers or dies.
3.      Eyes turn completely milky white.
4.      Spine protrudes through the skin.
5.      Head Elongates & teeth fall out.
6.      Skin Greys and hair turns white.

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