Saturday, December 10, 2022

Spell Harvesting

HARVESTING -Cognitive Assimilation of Sentience From Ruathian

Upon a successful saving throw, an Archanic Harvests (assimilates) the knowledge (spells) contained within a Ruathain and grants it to the Archanic. The target Ruathain must make a saving throw. Each time an Archanic attempts to harvest from a Ruathain, there is a 25% chance it fails, draining the Archanic of 1d2 x 1000 XP. Takes 30 mins of uninterrupted focus per spell/level

Rudimentary Memory Harvesting from the Dead

If a creature has been lifeless for less than 24 hours, this reconstructs a temporary rudimentary semblance of life by reactivating its nervous system and memory synapses. This is done by via Symbiotic link using tendril insertion to invade the Ruathain psycho-physical core, its nervous system per se. The creature does not acknowledge its former self. It is a mindless shell, executing basic duties while a Ruathain manipulates it. Complies with basic mental commands of the user. The creature can be rudimentarily reactivated for one hour before collapsing and swiftly decaying into a stench. Takes 30 mins of uninterrupted focus.

Symbiotic Link via Tendril Insertion
Small silvery threadlike tendrils extend from within the Ruathians' core and insert themselves into the victim via orifice openings. The tendrils insert themselves into the spinal column taking over the nervous system of the victim. 

The process is the same for BOTH Spell & Memory Harvesting although Spell Harvesting is far more taxing on an Archanics nervous system.

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