Sunday, December 4, 2022

Opening The Book

Simply being within 40′ of The Opanatheds Of Thek makes one feel lightheaded and displaced. Everything (including oneself ) will seem relatively unreal and insubstantial, while The Book seemingly tries to exert influence upon its surroundings. This is because the artifact was constructed to exist in all times, whereas virtually everything else in existence has only momentary existence in time.

An Archanic must fast and meditate alone upon the glyphs that seal the book for nine days, illumined only by a black flamed candle made of liquefied flesh & wax. A sacrifice of blood is needed so that the extradimensional geometrical glyphs that cover the book may coalesce and take shape into visible forms that may be both seen and studied.

After a further 1d6 hours of intense study, the Archanic will either comprehend the formulas for banishing the Glyphs of Sealing that seals this book back to the Primordial realms from whence it was summoned or the PC (if a save vs. magic is failed) will suffer extreme agony as the Glyph of living Geometry draws on powers from within the book attempting to reduce the PC into a Pre-physical potentiality of Geometrical equations to be Violently pulled within the book by invisible forces to drown in and become one with narrow Lightless Chasms of nightmarish glyphs contained upon its pages. 

Chances of opening the book without fracturing ones mind and existence will be 35% (plus 5% per level of the Archanic).

IF opened, upon the pages the opener finds Non-Physical Geometric shapes of an airy substance not unlike a jellyfish in consistency, but pure white in color and slightly translucent with Amphibious like ethereal movement; as if Amoeboid Gods had breathed life into them only to inexorably converge upon them as sacrifice and consume into infinitesimal fragments that Shamble away into the Endless Void of pre-existence, the very undoing of all realities past, present and future.

Blood is needed so that the extradimensional living geometries within the book may coalesce and take shape into visible forms that may be both seen and read.

Once Opened the chances of survival upon reading from the book:

Con     Chance of survival
13+           100%
12             90%
11             80%
10             70%
9               60%
8               50%
7               40%
6               30%
5               20%
4               10%
3               1%

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