Sunday, December 4, 2022

The Opanatheds Of Thek

Bound and writ upon the skin of a long extinct arcane race. The book emits a cacophonous chanting that agitates all organic existence, breaking down all potentialities of evolving life into Geometrical equations.

The Fetor of the Depths within its pages, of which is imprisoned an endless Trans-dimensional Gulf of living Geometries within which countless existences cannibalizing themselves, desiccating unspeakable mental tortures of pre-conscious existence. Writhing geometrical mewling's that contain vast secrets penetrating beyond the depths of all engineered existences.

Within the pages are the Blueprints for the creation and activation of the Primordial God-Engines. Cube shaped devices capable of both creating and destroying God like entities beyond cosmic and primordial imaginings.

The book is practically indestructible. Only by destroying it at each moment of its existence within time’s infinity can it be finally be destroyed. Unsurprisingly, multitudes of Cults throughout time and place have worshiped the book itself as THE god or FIRST creator of gods and demons alike, and all life and death that followed in it's wake.

It is claimed by Sages and Occultists of eld that only a WISH could allow any mortal creature to both open and read from the Opanatheds, and even then the repercussions were at best unknown.

The book has only ever been opened once. Opened by an ancient and powerful alien race known as the Delnoch. A race that through the god like power of their combined Psionics and Eldritch Wizardry had conquered and enslaved countless world systems throughout time.

But the opening of The Opanatheds Of Thek is what led to their very extinction. Forever damaging and damning a multitude of realities to unspeakable chaos and worse, much worse. For the book has caused the Echoed realities of four dying planes of existence to encroach and hauntingly impose upon a remaining world which through ritual forbidden has become The Conjunction of Fates. What remains of the locale where the book was opened is know as the Arcadium, a place of unspeakable nightmares and horrors. 

The opening of the book has led Three Ivory Towers known as the Towers Of Dissolution, to activate, inhaling the light of all stars, attracting the darkness deep, like a moth to a flame. From within its celestial wing folds, the Coyer of Bulse, the ship that swallows worlds approaches. The Great Destroyer in it's awakened return seeking utter annihilation of all that is or will be. It's haunting embrace delivering all realities back to the Void, the Dark Womb from whence all life issued. The very book that spawned the birth of the Coyer in all it's magnificent horror.

Within the books pages Non-Physical Geometric shapes of an airy substance not unlike a jellyfish in consistency, but pure white in color and slightly translucent with Amphibious like ethereal movement as if Amoeboid Gods had breathed life into them only to inexorably converge upon them as sacrifice and consume into infinitesimal fragments that Shamble away into the Endless Void of pre-existence, the very undoing of all realities past, present and future.

The Opanatheds Of Thek is needed if all existing realities are to continue. The pages must be found and book made whole. Only then will all life stand a chance.

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