Saturday, November 12, 2022

Varkruul: The White Wolf


The White Wolf is an elder Deity of the old world still worshiped throughout ALMOST. He is most heavily associated with the Ba'Roke tribes as they believe themselves to be direct descendants of the Wolf. Many still come to the borders of the grasslands to leave offerings to the Wolf's children in hopes of receiving blessings from the Boowa, great Shamans amongst the Ba'Roke.

Tribal tales told by the Boowa tell of how long ago The White Wolf battled a great menace from beyond the stars that sought to claim the Wolfs children and their lands. After a mighty battle the Great Wolf was victorious, his children safe. But he had become corrupted during the battle, infected by the Star Gods petulance, and so began the time known as the Consummation of the Wolf. A transformation from The Great White Wolf into that of Varkruul the Welm of Wyrms

The Ba'Roke became divided and the tribe warred amongst itself. Those that chose to follow the Wyrm in turn became vile and corrupted. Nearing decimation they fled into the Forbidden barrows and caverns far below the plains, while the Wyrm retreated over the great mountain range known as the Fangs of Pathos to return upon such a time as his transformation was complete, his might fully established.

Varkruul now sleeps. Recovering from the Consummation. To find his resting place one must pass the Fangs Of Pathos and descend the endless steps through the Seven Visions- leading to his sleeping city. Locked within his ancient, alien, daymare vaults of hope he awaits his children. But there is also a power here that could defeat Varkruul for a Throne Of Ascension sits vacant within the Welm.

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