Sunday, December 4, 2022

Grave Divers

One of dozens of rituals that invokes the terrifying wisdom of the Eldritch alien Delnochian race.

This rite takes two hours to complete and requires a large living-cyclopean coy. The Archanic must read the inhuman runes carved upon the walls of a vast subterranean pool under the Necropolis of Bal'Morale. Whilst doing so the Archanic focuses on chanting the inhuman mantras that are read while directing his conscious flow towards the Coy released into the subterranean pool. The waters are gravely cold and black, and the runes must be studied for 1d20 hours. The required sacrifice is a living person (a fellow henchmen of the Archanic will do), who must be drowned in the waters of the pool. At the ritual’s end, the Archanic must submerge himself staring into the eyes of the drowned victim. The Archanics mind will seem to swim in dark alien waters, and the Archanic will feel the Delnochian Tentacled One’s voices deep within as the alien Delnochain collective consciousness probes the Archanics mind. Questions may be asked but the answers may not be true.

The ritual will link the mind of the Archanic to the collective subconsciousness of the Delnochian Race.
It is a terrifying experience that will leave lasting nightmares that impart forbidden knowledge for years to come. The Cyclopean Coy is considered a mediumship device by scholars and occultists and serves to also protect the Archanic from physical damage to their psycho-physical system. 

Cyclopean Coy have a single white milky eye and are about 3-4ft long weighing approximately 40lbs.
They may be obtained from Occultists or found in deep subterranean pools.

*Treat the Ritual as Contact Other Plane. Substituting The Power/Level of the Eldritch Delnochian for Plane Contacted.

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