Friday, March 24, 2023

The Armiger ~ New White Box Class

Specializing in the use of blast powders and firearms. Armigers alone hold the secrets to the use and construction of firearms. All follow the code of upholding these secrets. To break the code is to be damned and hunted by the Armiger clans of Ridoom. Armigers never part with their firearms and should an Armiger fall- an apprentice earns their rank by retrieving the fallen Armigers lost firearm and returning it to the clan elders. Each Armiger specializes in the use and repair of flintlock pistol & musket. The techniques of which are handed down to each Armiger through their clan Elders.

Each Armigers firearm carries engravings on the barrel and ivory hilt. Ancient runic scripts that are believed to bind the spirits of their victims to the weapons themselves.

It is rumored that the eldest of the clan leaders know the secret of making enchanted ammunitions.

                Level        XP          HD      To Hit        Save        Guncraft      Called Shot

Weapons and Armor
Armigers are able to use leather armor, bucklers, bows, slings, crossbows, and any single handed melee weapons.

Saving Throws
An Armiger receives a +2 bonus to any saving throw rolls made vs. rays and blasts.

Armigers may repair firearms, create shot, or tinker with mechanical devices on a D6 roll according to their level. Other classes attempting these feats will only succeed on a roll of 1 if even possible.
On a successful roll - creating shot and repairs each take one full day of focused concentration on the work at hand, given proper materials.

An Armiger must be carrying Guncraft Tools 25sp, to repair firearms. Bullets can be purchased as per Ranged weapons page 28. In the ALMOST Campaign, an Armiger must provide the mold and instruction in addition to the cost of the bullets as creating shot is not common knowledge.

Flintlock Pistol
Damage: D6-1
Range: 100’
Bulk: 3
Cost: 125sp

Deadly Aim
Armigers receive +1 on ranged attack and damage rolls.

Called Shot
If using a ranged weapon, an Armiger can decide to take a full round to aim. This means taking absolutely no action for an entire round except aiming. On the following round the Armiger receive a +4 to hit their foes, and ranged attacks multiply damage according to their level.

Rolling a Natural 1 on an attack roll results in the firearm ceasing to be functional until repaired,

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